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Staking is the primary value accrual strategy of VESQ. Stakers stake their VSQ to earn rebase rewards.

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Bonding is the secondary value accrual strategy of VESQ. Bonds are a cross between a fixed income product, a futures contract, and an option.

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Leverage your sVSQ to obtain more assets and supplying back to Vesq with a self repaying loan.

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The Numbers

The ever growing protocol

VESQ represents a decentralized reserve currency protocol that operates on the Polygon (MATIC) Network, utilizing the VSQ token as its foundation. It is a safe online broker and globally trusted platform.

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The beginning of Genesis DAO

Currently the The Genesis DAO consists of the core Vesq team, advisors and investors. We will expand into a community DAO at a later date in the future.

The Principle

The Genesis DAO is designed on strong principles: building Vesq for the long-term, community first and fairly in all aspects, and prioritising stable wealth creation and value. Our mechanics are forked from OlympusDAO which has been proven to work which can be explored in our Medium posts.

Protect Your Value

VSQ is minted and evenly distributed for staking rewards. More VSQ staked reduces the APY but pushes the VSQ price higher, creating a balance that protects your investment. Designed with long-term protocol health in mind. All VSQ minted for staking rewards are backed with a reserve from the Treasury.

Fully Audited

Vesq has been fully audited by Paladin Sec, you can read more about it here.

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The Ecosystem

Using trusted technology

What's Going On

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You can find more posts on our Medium page

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The Genesis DAO

We want to decentralize this thing as fast as possible. Most of the core components of the system will be in place at launch or soon after.

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Blog Post
Introducing VESQ, An Algorithmic Currency Protocol on Polygon

In this post, we will try to explain how VESQ works in low complexity terms.

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